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  • this feature is still in development...
  • have not tested if this is feasible yet - maybe network latency is too high to make this possible..

Using the jam mode:

  1. Open "File | Settings" and enter an Alias and Location. The name of the "Room" must be the same for all the persons who want to jam.
  2. Select "Jam | Enter room" on the menu
  3. Press "Allow access" in the Windows Firewall message box
  4. Wait for connection (may take up to 30s)
  5. Wait for other users to connect to the same room...
  6. Select "Jam | Leave room" when you want to quit

Connection problems

  • The application uses Microsoft's PNRP to resolve the peers
  • For Windows XP, download the PNRP update
  • more troubleshooting info later...

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